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Web Design for Online Clothing Store FIVESEASONS

General information about design creating for an online clothing store

The Fiveseasons brand was founded in Sweden in 1982. The company honors its traditions, therefore as the basis of the site it was necessary to take the following statement: “the sea meets the land and summer meets the winter”. This idea is reflected in most illustrations on the website.

General web design requirements:

  • Convenient and easy acquaintance with the company and the products.
  • Strict and modern design.
  • The simplest navigation.
  • Easy to add photos, information, news, and more.

The catalog of the company consists of approximately 300 items. And it changes 2 times a year.

The design structure of the entire site

The website design contains the following elements:

  1. Catalog.
  2. Product cards (with the basket disabled).
  3. Information pages of the site (about the company, technology, where to buy and others).
  4. Advertising banners that draw attention to products or technologies.
  5. Callback block.
  6. News section and newsletter subscription module.
  7. Site navigation occurs through 3 navigation blocks.

Block 1 or the Top Horizontal menu

It contains such sections as:

  • About company
  • Brand
  • Technology
  • News
  • Collaboration
  • Where to buy
  • Contacts

All sections are single-level and do not include subsections.

Block 2 or Left Side menu

The left side menu includes a product catalog consisting of three levels. Moreover the first and second levels are constantly open, and the third level is revealed when user clicks on any of the elements of the second level.

The structure of this menu varies depending on the product catalog.

Block 3 — Footer

In addition to navigation links to information pages and sections of the catalog the footer contains a subscription block for a free catalog.

Product Detail Page

It consists from the following:

  • one main photo of the product on the left side of the page;
  • several small photos (3 - 4 pcs.) in other color versions located under the main photo which can be viewed in detail by clicking on the corresponding photo;
  • product description, to the right of the main photo;
  • a listing of the product main properties and characteristics - under the product description;
  • block of related products.

Clicking on the main photo opens a larger image.

Advertising Banners

In the left column of the site under the navigation menu there are two places for advertising banners with promotions or special offers. If there are no any discount for now the blocks are easy hidden. The block size has a standard banner size of 240*400 pixels. The process of adding and replacing advertising banners is simple and straightforward.

In addition advertising space is provided on the home page: a block of changing banners (carousel) of products or hits.

Our Module of the Callback

In the center of the header there is a button ORDER A CALL. When you click it a window pops up. It consists of such fields as:

  • How to contact you,
  • Phone for communication,
  • What city are you from?
  • and a comment field.

We created this module with pure code without any plugin to speed up the website work.

The project Web Design for Clothing Online Store FIVESEASONS was finished 31.10.2013 at 15:00 and was living here: fiveseasons.ru