Web Development on CMS 1C-Bitrix for Automated Control Systems Cascade Automation

Full Stack Web Development for Kascad Automation on CMS 1C-Bitrix

CASCADE AUTOMATICA LLC is a successful company in the field of automated control systems. The main task of the company is the introduction of the latest, modern equipment in the field of automation of production technologies. For this constant work is being done to research the latest developments in industrial equipment and software of various manufacturing companies in the field of automation. Due to this the employees of CASCADE AUTOMATICA LLC are always ready to offer the most advanced solutions for the implementation of technological processes taking into account Russian specifics, production conditions and customer capabilities.

The same principle RAmonka Studio applied to the company’s website. Design integration into 1C-Bitrix CMS was entrusted to our studio. The design provided by the customer was html-coded and validated cross-browserly. After that our coders connect constant html with dynamic Bitrix CMS code. There were also minor improvements to the modules and information blocks of the system.

The project Web Development on CMS 1C-Bitrix for Automated Control Systems Cascade Automation was finished 18.04.2014 at 19:18 and now it is living here: ka-msk.ru

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March 22, 2024 at 19:28

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