МедФонд - HTML шаблон для медицинского портала в Израиле

    MedFund – HTML template for a medical portal in Israel

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    Technical data of the file being downloaded

    1. Extension: .html
    2. Additionally: stylesheets (.css), jquery-scripts (.js) and pictures
    3. Source file weight: 1.2 Mb
    4. Weight .zip archive: 715 Kb
    5. Minimum width: 1000px
    6. Language: Russian


    There are 8 pages included into ready-to-use html-template for medicine portal in Israel.

    1. Home page
    2. Blog
    3. All Doctors
    4. Doctor Page
    5. FAQ
    6. News
    7. Specialisations
    8. Application

    Treatment in Israel is a treatment by experienced medical specialists known all over the world. It involves the use of advanced techniques practiced in the United States, as well as the constant exchange of experience with European and American colleagues. Quality treatment is provided through the use of the latest developments and technologies in the field of microbiology, physiology, biochemistry, operational technology. Israeli treatments guarantee almost 100% results, at a much lower cost than in similar clinics in European countries and the USA.

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