The best apps for motorcyclists

The best apps for motorcyclists

Those who like to ride along the roads on two-wheeled vehicles are often united not only in interest clubs. Modern progress has allowed them to migrate to the virtual world, and we are not talking just about channels on social networks or thematic groups. The developers could not bypass such an extensive community by creating several successful products specifically for motorcyclists.

Applications for motorcyclists are created taking into account the interests of this group of users – they help to find like-minded people, to not miss an important festival or rally, they are equipped with additional features such as navigator, siren, help signal, etc.


This comprehensive development takes the leading spot in the TOP-5 rating. The creators did their best and now users will find a lot of usefulness in one place: chats for not just discussing pressing issues, but it is quite possible to find a scarce spare part or get good advice on tuning a dear motorcycle. You can give advice and share experiences with any rider who has downloaded the CryptoMoto app for motorcyclists.

Convenient interface, using the app is intuitive and there’s no need to think hard about navigation. Users are able to create a post with an event and organize like-minded people for a trip out of town, to a motofest or just to play football. The app enables you to find a list of proven – affordable and reliable -services. Riders will appreciate the ready-made maps where you can plan your routes and trips. Moreover, you will see additional information such as traffic jams, accidents, police, etc. Another special feature of the application is the built-in walkie-talkie that will help users communicate with one another. Did you already know that on the CryptoMoto App you can collect points and exchange them for real purchases? Download the application and find out all the benefits personally.

The best app for motorcyclists and bikers CryptoMoto app

Moto Citizen

The Moto Citizen application is indispensable in non-standard situations – call a tow truck or an ambulance, report an accident. As for the advantages, I would like to note a live chat, a built-in GPS-navigator and the ability to quickly contact emergency services. The application allows you to send a distress signal and quickly find the nearest motorcyclists.

The moto application was created and is supported by a team of volunteers; the interface is in Russian. The application can be downloaded via APK file, downloaded to a smartphone and installed on the workspace. Launch, register and enjoy!

Moto navigator Motolife

Convenient development full of various cool things. Here you can find a navigator, chat, communication with emergency services, and for the most meticulous – the ability to calculate the amount of money spent on motorcycle maintenance.

The application contains the coordinates of verified service stations, shops, gas stations, motorcycle cafes and motorcycle clubs – choose the nearest location of interest to you. A special MOTO HELP button will help you call for help or a tow truck. With the application, you can get advice from a technical specialist or use the services of a lawyer.


A functional development that allows you to call a tow truck for your motorcycle in case of a sudden breakdown. The software is distributed only to Moscow and the Moscow region, in other cities the application does not yet function. The application captures the user’s location, shows the nearest towing services that will help to evacuate the motorcycle. The database is constantly updated and updated with new data – finding the nearest tow truck gets easier and easier.

The convenience of the application is that the user himself can choose a tow truck that is closer. You can also view the prices for services of this kind and choose the most affordable option. This is not an application that will replace the social network, but rather your mobile SOS signal in case of unforeseen situations.
Now the application can only be downloaded on Android, since the iPhone version has been removed from the App Store.

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